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U.S. Space Command Chief Warns of China's Rapid Advancements in Space

U.S. Space Command’s new leader, Space Force Gen. Stephen Whiting, has warned of China’s rapidly advancing space capabilities following meetings with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts. Key points:

  • China is the primary focus of U.S. Space Command, with Beijing developing counter-space weapons and using space to enhance its terrestrial forces
  • Japan’s new Space Operations Group is collaborating with the U.S. to improve space domain awareness and monitor threats, many of which emanate from China
  • The U.S. and Japan are partnering to launch new satellites for space monitoring, and Japan is preparing to field a deep-space radar to better understand China’s space activities
  • Chinese activities on the Moon are also being monitored, with the U.S. hoping there is no military component to these seemingly exploratory and scientific endeavors
  • The U.S. military has been collaborating and training in the space domain with Japan and South Korea to build deterrence and ensure uninterrupted access to space for their militaries and populations

As China continues to make rapid advancements in space, the U.S. and its allies are working together to monitor and counter potential threats, while also ensuring the peaceful use of space for scientific and exploratory purposes.

We’re making progress but we will need to make more.