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Neutron Rocket Development: 2024 Updates


Commercial space activity has had multiple promising starts and failures over the years, but this time it’s different. We’re finally seeing the impact of the convergence of miniaturization in electronics, advances in materials and manufacturing, and the governmental support needed to make conducting business in low Earth orbit feasible for businesses of all sizes and stages. This revolution is extending to the military, intelligence, and geopolitical realms, which are transforming as space plays a rapidly increasing role.

Moreover, the intersection of defense, intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and new space is becoming increasingly important. As these fields continue to evolve and converge, they are likely to have a profound impact on the future of space exploration, national security, and technological advancement.

I am the third generation in my family to work in human spaceflight, all in and around Johnson Space Center. I worked in the Shuttle Program as a field engineer for the Shuttle Training Aircraft program at Ellington Field and later as a software engineer. Although I no longer work in aerospace (my focus is now on AI), I closely follow the industry and invest in new space companies.

I created this site to collect useful resources and track interesting developments in the industry. There are dedicated pages with resources for tracking Rocket Lab and SpaceX – the two most important players in the new space economy. While this is primarily for my personal tracking, I hope you find it useful if you’ve stumbled upon it.

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