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China's Military Reorganization: Implications for Space Forces and Capabilities

China has reorganized its military, replacing the Strategic Support Force (SSF) with the new Information Support Force (ISF). This move has significant implications for China’s space forces and how they are commanded. Key points:

  • The Aerospace Force, which commands China’s space forces, is now the senior force among China’s military arms
  • The reorganization aims to improve operational efficiency, integration, and control over information warfare domains, including space
  • The move could influence satellite operations, space surveillance, protection of space assets, and anti-satellite capabilities
  • China has been expanding its space capabilities in areas like satellite reconnaissance, communications megaconstellations, and on-orbit servicing

The reorganization is the biggest for China’s military since 2015 and suggests an increased focus on the strategic importance of space and information warfare going forward. How exactly it plays out remains to be seen, but it will be important to monitor the implications for China’s space forces and capabilities.